It’s the hottest weekend on record!

Of course, by “on record” here, I mean “it’s the hottest weekend that I can remember since the last ridiculously hot weekend that we had”, which now that I think about it, I can’t really remember when it was. See, that’s what age, plus a lack of sleep do to you. Also, colours look subtly different.

Anyway, Kristy pointed out that every story on the front-page except for one, featured a picture of food, so be prepared for that trend to continue with this:

Gnawing on a lamb bone

Kablamo! Bet you didn’t see that coming! In fact, this delightful morsel of a lamb bone is representative of the highlight of our weekend – an afternoon/evening with the Durhams. We hung out with them on Saturday at their delightful abode at Woody Point, where it must have been at least seven degrees cooler than it was in Everton Hills. I tell ya, if it wasn’t such a commute to work every day, I’d be moving there tomorrow.

Not only did our afternoon have some geocaching, some ping pong, and obviously some roast lamb, but we also watched the first episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, which featured the most amazing tribal council that I’ve ever seen. Apparently, it went for over two hours off the air! Thank goodness for editing!

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2 comments on “It’s the hottest weekend on record!
  1. ? seriously it wasn’t all that hot, at least from a subjective point of view. Anyway, who whinges about the weather!

  2. aubain says:

    Let me get this straight. You had an awesome weekend in the sunshine, hanging out with friends and eating what looks like an entire lamb… and you’re complaining about the weather? Sheesh 😉

    Seems like you can take an Aussie out of London, but you can’t take the London out of an Aussie 🙂

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