An evening of social discourse

Following hot on the heels of a recent ladies night out, our ever-so-wise friend Ian sent the following mail around to us men, the “other halves”:

It’s great that the girls had a night out, get to share a few stories, have a couple of quiet drinks, de-stress and reminisce over the old times… however it won’t be long to the pangs of guilt set in… poor
guys left at home, always giving so much and receiving so little. Rather than face the tears I suggest that we have a boys night out in the not too distant future, few drinks to help balance the situation.

Yes, if Obi-wan were still alive, he would clearly seek Ian for counsel. Acting on such wisdom, a gaggle of seven lads gathered on Friday night for our evening of social discourse, starting at Hotel Bravo in Fortitude Valley. Unfortunately, health was not on the side of our wise leader, and hence Ian was not amongst us – but that sounds like a perfect excuse to arrange another such evening in the not-too-distant future.

Of all the places we went, I think The Bowery was my favourite, and I regret my decision not to indulge in a french martini with the others (Ben E gave me a sample of his though; it was delicious!). It’s clear that my knowledge of bars in Fortitude Valley is pretty poor, as each time someone named another place for us to go to, I had no idea what they were talking about. All I can say is Fortitude Valley is very cool.

With each new location we went to, everyone geekily raced to be the first to check everyone in to Facebook, so any misconception about “What happens on lads night stays on lads night” was clearly out the window. Judging by the comments on the check-ins though, we were clearly keeping a few people entertained!

At one point, Kristy reminded me to “take a photo for the blog”, and so I obliged. Here is our night summed up in a single photograph:


I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is “yes”; John did have a bat in the cave. Thank goodness for friends like Ben.

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    I so do not remember that….

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