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Sometimes, life seems to pass by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. It’s a condition that I like to call “The Thomas Paradox”. Generally, our weeks are pretty quiet (slow), but the weekends are a hive of activity (fast)! Make no mistake; this is in no way a complaint! We enjoy having lots of quiet nights at home through the week in order to prepare us for a busy weekend!

Anyway, the last week just gone was no exception to the rule, with scarcely anything worth a mention until we arrive at Saturday morning. We kicked of our weekend by joining The Johnsens and The Priebes for a delicious brunch at Brother Espresso. (Not so) secretly, we had arranged the brunch in order to pick everyone’s brains for some activity ideas for Aubain and Ingrid’s impending visit (less than two weeks! Eeeeeeeee!!!). And we got some winners! A&I are in for quiet the treat!

Bright and early on Sunday morning, I trolleyed out to the airport to pick up Jason and Susan. They’ve been adventuring around Singapore and Vietnam for the last 15 days or so.. Tough life for some! I don’t know what the highlight of the trip was for the two of them, but for me, it was definitely driving along the new overpass from Toombul out to airport drive. Wheeee!

New York Sour

So that brings us to Sunday afternoon, when Ben and I hit West End for a cocktail at The Lychee Lounge followed by dinner at Sitar. Their Tikka Masala was delicious, but it repeated on me all night.

Anyway, the main reason we were in that neck of the woods was to see Eddie Vedder play his last night in Brisbane on his solo tour around Australia. His previous two gigs had received excellent reviews so we had very high expectations, and I’m pleased to say, those expectations were met!

Eddie has such an awesome voice; this much should have been fairly obvious to even the most casual Pearl Jam fan. But as Ben put it – seeing him play solo highlights what an excellent all-round musician he is, knocking out fantastic tunes on the guitar, ukulele, and even the mandolin!

The show consisted mainly of Pearl Jam tracks, lots of tunes from the Into The Wild soundtrack, plus a few other covers that I’d never heard before. Highlights of the evening for me were Speed of Sound (sounded much more haunting when played live and acoustic), Arc (Eddie recorded all the backing tracks live, using a loop delay type of machine, and then sang over them), plus the duets he sang with Eliza Jane Barnes (she’s got a fantastic voice!).

Lowlight of the evening was the row of knobs in front of us whose behavior was so unusual it’s hard to describe. I guess you had to be there. Still, it did little to dent what was otherwise an excellent concert and evening out!

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5 comments on “Out and about
  1. aubain says:

    Hope you guys aren’t stressing about things to do while we’re there! Just being in Oz with the Thomas clan is “quite the treat” :-)

  2. gerrod says:

    Nope, no stress at all – but Grant and Cath are the king and queen of entertaining overseas visitors! Plus, we just wanted an excuse to meet them for breakfast :-)

  3. Cath Johnsen says:

    It was a great excuse for a lovely breakfast with great company!

  4. Susan says:

    Thank you so much again for collecting us from the airport!!

    I’m also so glad that you clarified the main reason why you and Ben were enjoying cocktails and dining together! ;)

  5. elvis says:

    Guitar, ukulele, and the mandolin!!!

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