The Adjustment Bureau

If Kristy and I each had a dollar for every visit to the movies that we’d enjoyed since Oscar was born, we’d almost be millionaires with a grand total of two dollars between us. In fact, until Saturday afternoon, we would have been broke and homeless – clearly this would not be a good way for us to earn some fun-money on the side.

Anyway – we had some “family and friend” themed tickets due to expire at the end of March, and without too many titles competing for our audience, we decided that The Adjustment Bureau might be a winner. And we were partly right.

I don’t know what genre the film falls in, but to me, it was somewhere between a romance and a sci-fi. Actually now that I think about it, that sounds like a perfect couples movie – something for everyone! The big ticket is Matt Damon, who I typically like in films – yes, he’s a bit flat, but he has an absolutely winning smile which rescues him from even the poorest of storylines.

And the storyline for The Adjustment Bureau is far from poor – in fact, it’s pretty good. Basically it’s about an organisation (whose name I’m sure you can guess) who are responsible for ensuring people live their lives according to “the plan”. It explores the roles that fate, destiny, chance, and external influence play on people’s lives. And, for the most part, it does a good job of it; but I felt like in the last half-hour (or so), the film was headed towards one of two inevitable endings. One of them would not have rated well with American audiences, and so I was none too surprised to see the ending that did eventually unfold. It was all just a little bit too convenient for my liking.

Overall I enjoyed the film, but there was nothing new here; it certainly doesn’t top The Fifth Element for the title of “Best ever romantic sci-fi film”. Still, it was a great way to spend a lovely afternoon with just the two of us (thanks again to Mia and Pa for babysitting!). rating: 6.5/10.

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One comment on “The Adjustment Bureau
  1. Al says:

    Maaaattt Dammmoonn

    I can’t watch a single movie with this guy in it without thinking about Team America!

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