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With only the weekend left to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Brisbane is definitely the place that Aubain and Ingrid should be, we took to the city for a scenic tour. Thankfully, the City Cat is partially back up-and-running after that whole January flood debacle, so we parked Alby at New Farm Park and jumped on a city-bound boat.

Ingrid on the City Cat

We hopped off at Eagle Street Pier and walked through the city, eventually stopping for a coffee at Brew – just one example of Brisbane’s uber-trendy urban cafe scene. The coffee was sensational!

Aubain at Brew

To impress their lunch socks off, we decided it would be hard to go past Pane e Vino on the corner of Albert and Charlotte streets. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for sidewalk dining. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals (though Kristy felt super dodgy after hers – but that’s not Brisbane’s fault!).

Lunch at Pane e Vino

Our final activity of the day was to try and get a little bit of perspective on the city. To do that, we drove to a number of viewpoints which each offered a different angles over Brisbane. First was Wilson Outlook Reserve, at the top of Bowen Terrace in New Farm. It’s amazing how brown the river still is after the floods three months ago!

City from Wilson Outlook

Next up came the view from Kangaroo Point cliffs, just across the Story Bridge.

Brisbane from Kangaroo Point cliffs

And finally, the view from Mt Cootha. I must have subconsciously been in quite a hurry to get to the viewing platform, as I also managed to clock up my first ever speeding ticket on the way up the mountain. 77km/h in a 50km/h zone! I had no idea I was going that quickly – in fact, in a heavy car carrying four adults up a fairly steep hill, I had no idea I could go that quickly!

Oh well, such is life. Aubain and Ingrid were grateful for the view from the top, and they even bought me an ice-cream cone to make me feel better!

Mt Cootha view

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4 comments on “Brisbane city
  1. Aubain Noel says:

    Thanks for the tour – Brisbane is a great city! If you ignore the South side, of course.

  2. Kirstin says:

    Whoa! The river is crazy brown!

    And if you choose to not ignore the south side Brisbane is a better than great city!;)

  3. John Bettiol says:

    Nice post! Good photos… I agree the South side is worth missing 😉 Even if I came from the South side

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