Congratulations, Mel and Ben!

Over the weekend, we felt extremely privileged to witness two of the world’s most beautiful people – Mel and Ben – get married at St Agatha’s church at Clayfield.

Mel and Ben

This was the first wedding that I’ve been to which included a sign-language interpreter for hearing impaired members of the audience, and I have to say that watching them work is absolutely fascinating. You can’t help but smile in awe at how well they can express not only the words being spoken, but even some of the subtle context and meanings that go along with it. It’s amazing! I immediately wanted to hire the girls for all of my future meetings; not that I’ve ever worked with anyone who is hearing impaired before, but they’d just make meetings so much more enjoyable!

Belinda signing one of the speeches

The reception was held at Baguette at Clayfield, right down at the racecourse end of Racecourse Road. Since the reception started at the close of Race Day, the streets were filled with well dressed patrons coming out of Eagle Farm. A couple of them even gate-crashed the reception (simply to use the facilities!), and the staff were very quick to boot them out as soon as they were discovered!

My favourite part of the reception (besides more live interpreting for the speeches, that is) was definitely Mel and Ben’s bridal waltz. They put together a very fun routine which the performed admirably for everyone, and which even included some signs (for the deaf), and a big butt wiggle at the end! It was a joy to behold, and a perfect reflection on their characters.

Butt wiggle

Mel and Ben bring such joy and warmth to everyone that they know, and I couldn’t be happier for them to be married. Here’s wishing them both a lifetime of absolute delight together!

More photos in the Mel and Ben’s Wedding gallery, or also on facebook.

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