We came home from Kingscliff to the very unpleasant realisation that our house was infested with fleas. Yuk. Even thinking about it makes the skin on my legs start to itch. Mom and Dad had warned us that they found the dogs covered in fleas (for the first time in their lives!) after taking them back off our hands, and so clearly the blame is on us; though I don’t know what we did wrong – we followed their regular routine to the letter!

At first, the problem at our house seemed to be localised to the laundry, though we found a few in the playroom not far from the laundry door, which meant they were migrating. Worse, the playroom floor is carpeted (as opposed to tiles in the laundry), which makes them harder to get rid of (as they burrow down into the carpet to lay their eggs). We set a couple of Mortein Flea Bombs off in the playroom which certainly seemed to help the problem, but the fleas were still hanging around (loads of them outside), and worse still, seemed to be migrating upstairs!

As luck would have it though, we were due for our annual pest control treatment, so we called our friendly Pest Control company, and had Anthony come out to spray both inside and outside the house. Apparently, to have maximum effect, we now need to stomp around every room of the house for the next three weeks, which will encourage the fleas to come out of hiding and for the eggs to hatch! The residual effect of the spray will then kill off any fleas that hit the floor. Suckers!

Of all the pointless creatures in the world, fleas have now taken my number one spot for most hated. I can’t wait for this whole episode to be behind us!

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