Kingscliff Holiday

We spent all of last week chilling out with Jason, Louise and Adam (who drove up all the way from Sydney!) at Mantra, Kingscliff. We only had one goal for the holiday: relax! And that’s pretty easy to achieve with some great friends, a beachside setting, and some beautiful weather. Truth be told, it was grey skies and rainy for the first few days, but the sun came out on Tuesday afternoon and then stayed for the rest of the week! And all that sunshine and blue sky made for a wonderful outlook from our little balcony!

View from the balcony

Our days were filled with the usual hectic routines of a beachside holiday; preparing/eating food, swimming in the pools, playing tennis, and obviously – trips to the beach. Unfortunately, being November, we weren’t the only ones getting a jump on the Christmas Holiday rush, so finding a decent spot was always a bit of a wrestle with the other beach-goers. We were thankful for our time in both New York and London, which taught us invaluable skills for finding space amongst the crowds.

Crowded beach

This was Oscar’s first real beach holiday, or at least, the first one where he was old enough to have a proper play in the sand. He absolutely loved it when we’d dig a hole in the sand, which he would inevitably shuffle his way over to, and then fall in. Once stuck, he’s then start whinge-crying until we lifted him back out again, only to repeat the whole process over-and-over until the hole was so full that it was no longer a hole. Ahh, the things that amuse you when you’re young.

Digging a hole with Mummy

Overall, Oscar was a huge fan of the beach, and there were always tears when it was time to pack up and leave. Similarly for the water – be it the ocean, the pool, or even the bath for that matter! Each time we passed a body of water, he would excitedly start pointing and making noises as if to say, “There! There! That’s where we’re going, isn’t it?!”.

On Tuesday, we made our way down to Byron Bay, where we took a trip up to the lighthouse, and then ate lunch at the beach below. I can’t remember the last time I was in Byron Bay proper, but I found it absolutely beautiful! Truly one of the nicest beaches that I’ve seen for a long time, and with brilliant surf! I was disappointed I didn’t take my board!

Byron Bay

The view from the lighthouse was also quite spectacular, and Kristy, Louise and Jason even saw a whale just off the coast, while poor little baby Adam slept through the whole thing in the car!

Loui at Byron lighthouse

All too soon it was Saturday, and time to head back home. We farewelled Jason, Louise and Adam as they made their long journey back to Sydney, and then departed for sunny Brisbane. Ahh, holidays, why can’t you be longer?

Check out more photos in the Kingscliff Holiday photo album.

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