Christmas 2011

As far as Christmases go, 2011 will probably not be going down in our books as “The one to be beaten”. No, I think for now the Christmas ski trip of 2007 remains unchallenged at the top of the list for me!

On paper, Christmas 2011 sounded like it was going to be a corker – four nights at Mom and Dad’s unit at Grand Florida, and no Christmas Day running around required. But sadly, things didn’t turn out quite so well; instead, a large part of my celebrations were spent resting in bed, trying to sleep off various sicknesses. It started out with back pain and stomach cramps on Christmas eve, which moved to fairly severe indigestion on Christmas day. Kristy shot up to reception to ask if they knew where she could buy some antacid, to which the 10 year-old boy manning the desk responded with, “Have you been bitten by an ant?”. As it turns out, the convenience store across the road had plenty in stock.

Boxing day wasn’t much better; my vision started going blurry early in the afternoon, which I’ve since learnt is an early warning sign for an incoming migraine. Unfortunately, this lesson was learnt the hard way, so most of Boxing Day afternoon was once again spent resting in bed. Oh, how the sunlight hurts the eyes!

In between my sickness and general feeling sorry for myself, the other troops did their best to enjoy their holiday – which is understandably difficult without me operating at full capacity. The opening of presents yielded quite a nice bounty – especially for Oscar, whose presents were so many (or more accurately – his opening technique was so slow) that he still hasn’t opened everything he was given.

Oscar and his toys

All of the beaches were closed for most of our stay, due to the cyclone sitting off the coast. The swells were huge, and by Dad’s estimate, waves were breaking continuously for a few hundred metres back from the shore. By Tuesday afternoon, things had started to calm down. The lifesavers re-opened the beaches, and a few people ventured cautiously into the water.

Miami beach

Since we had to stay off the beach, we played mainly back at the resort. Oscar really loves the water, so he especially enjoyed swimming in the heated pool. We even had the pleasure of swimming with Al and Suz, and their cohort of kids on Tuesday morning!

Swimming with Oscar

As luck would have it, by Wednesday I was feeling right as rain, but sadly, our accommodation had expired. Worse still, the beaches were fully open again, and the waves looked amazing! Talk about a terrible time to leave!

Despite the sickness, it’s always nice to “get away” for a few days, and I’m very thankful for all my family members that were there to care for me. Hopefully I’l be a bit more sprightly on our next trip!

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