Picnic in Teralba Park

I ride past Teralba Park at Mitchelton every time I ride the treadly to work. From the road, it looks like it has quite a large-sized play area for the little ‘uns. And so on Saturday, we went down to check it out with Karl, Sibylle, and their two boys Anton and Ferdi.

Now, I’m certainly not going to be one to complain about a free park – in fact, quite the opposite; I think it’s remarkable how many awesome parks the council provides/maintains around Brisbane. We love the little park at the bottom of our street, and we can get to at least two others that are equally awesome in under 10 minutes walk!

However, Teralba Park did not live up to my expectations (though perhaps my expectations were a little unfair). As I said, from the road, the play equipment for the kids looked huge, so I was expecting a closer-to-home version of Arthur Davis park at Sandgate. But actually, there isn’t all that much there, especially given that the park is always so busy – there was easily a hundred other kids around while we were there. The slides with the steps next to them were a bit hit with Oscar, but overall, there wasn’t too much for a little boy of his age!

Teralba Park

Of course, we still made our own fun, mostly just chasing after kids who decided to run in every direction they could. Poor Oscar didn’t have much luck running through the various lengths of grass over uneven ground, though his frequent falls didn’t seem to dampen his spirit at all. We had one very dirty little boy by the time we got home!

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