How NOT to inflate the tires on your pram

I recently managed to blow up the front tire on our pram (a Phil & Teds sport) after over inflating it just a wee bit. I know what you’re thinking – surely, inflating the tires on a pram can’t be that difficult? Well, I beg to differ! And here, in one photo, is the reason that it’s not as easy as you think:

Pram tire pressure

See the problem now? On the rim of the tire, it clearly states that the maximum pressure is 22 PSI, and yet the tire itself is bold enough to claim that anything up to 35 PSI is just dandy! My my, what a discrepancy we have here! So I figured that if the tires on my road bike run at 100 PSI, and the tires on my mountain bike run between 35 PSI and 65 PSI, then surely 35 PSI seemed like a good choice for pram tires?

WRONG! Let me state this for you now, internets:

The tire pressure for a Phil and Teds sport pram should not exceed 22 PSI.

If you reason this out the same way I did, and you also come to the conclusion that 35 PSI should be reasonable enough, then be prepared for this to happen:

Blow out

Yes, I tried to cover the hole with some tube patches, but it was so big that I had to use two; suffice to say, it was a dismal failure.

Perhaps I should be thankful that this lesson has taught me one thing – that you can buy replacement inner tubes directly from the Phil and Teds website. Seems like a pretty crappy silver lining though, if you ask me.

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8 comments on “How NOT to inflate the tires on your pram
  1. Jason says:

    More like a rubber lining!

  2. Susan says:

    And does Phil & Ted care to also explain the discrepancy on their website? I bet they sell a lot of replacements!

  3. gerrod says:

    Both excellent points! I should really write to Mr Phil and Mr Ted to see what they think of this situation.

  4. jason says:

    They will say you are probably just inflating the situation!

  5. Marc says:

    You should ring them up and really “blow up”, seriously, if I called them I would just “explode”.

  6. Marc says:

    Then again, they may get “tyred” of the conversation.

    On a more serious note. You can get a tube from Big W that will work just as well. just a bit more difficult to inflate as the stem doesn’t have a bend in it.

  7. rich says:

    Too right! Everything about phil and teds is annoying,,from where the valve is to chopping your fingers off trying to open it , to scraping it along the floor after your ve chopped your finger off,,,price does not mean always mean better.. £100 prams everytime!!

  8. Tim says:

    Just to let you know I’ve done exactly the same thing. Let’s just say the gentleman behind me nearly died as the shot rung out! Glad I’m not the only one!!

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