Oscar is 18 months old!

As you may have guessed from the title… Oscar was 18 months old on Friday! We celebrated with a trip to Go Wild Activity Centre and a slice of cake with his little friend, Lily.

Oscar on the swings

Here’s what the little guy is up to these days…

After scooting around, skipping crawling altogether and starting walking around Christmas, Oscar is now running around at every opportunity. We had a long spell of trips, falls, bleeding and trips to Smart Clinics but he now seems quite steady. Thank goodness.

Oscar’s vocab is coming along famously, and we love hearing him try to enunciate new words. It’s still only one word at a time (“more” or “please” but never “more please”), but that doesn’t stop him from making his wishes known. All this gives us some insight into what he’s thinking: monkey noises from the backseat of the car show that he’s using his imagination to daydream about favourite animals. When we pass those giant pylon things at Brendale that support power lines he thinks they’re cranes, so you can see him trying to understand the world through the paradigm of familiar books.

Conversation with Oscar sometimes seems like an exercise in word association. If I tell him we’re going to my parents’ house he says: “Mia? Pa? Up? Down? Round round? Ding dong?” This means, “will I see my grandparents, who have that cool electric door, a ceiling fan and a chiming clock?” Similarly, Gerrod’s folks’ get: “Nonni? Poppa? Bow wow? Tom? Cuckoo?” I now completely understand that weird phenomenon where you think children are babbling nonsense but their parents insist they are speaking. With enough context and repetition the babble makes complete sense to Mums and Dads!

When we’re driving, he’ll sometimes call out the colours of the traffic lights, and when they turn green shout, “Green Green! Go Go!” Speed bumps and pot holes: “Bump! Bump!”, but diggers get the most enthusiastic response.

He LOVES books, and some current favourites are Where is the Green Sheep? and The Very Busy Spider. Plus whatever is new in from the library. His favourite song seems to be the Westminster Chime. His pitch is improving so it’s almost recognisable now. We sing this about 40 times a day (not by my choice!).

He loves eating sultanas and pikelets. He’s starting to count. He enthusiastically reminds everyone to wash their hands after going to the bathroom (he doesn’t get the irony that he only knows it’s important since we did it every time even without the helpful prompts). He begs for bubbles to be blown. He loves being followed and chased. He does the hand gestures for Incy Wincy Spider and applauds his efforts when he finishes. He loves experimenting with the ideas of empty and full, on and off. He has developed a guilty face, that’s often used when he’s caught pressing buttons. He closes doors he finds open, and is especially helpful with the dishwasher and coffee machine.

Oscar is the sweetest little boy we’ve ever had. Happy 18 months Moo Bear!

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  1. Stace says:

    Sweet article!! Full of all those precious mummy moments. Hugs for the little guy! Xoxo

  2. Louisa says:

    Great update and you’ll love reading this back as he grows. Isn’t 18 months a great age…possibly the best!

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