This was a pretty non-weekend. Ben, Rob, Piet and I voluntarily attended a training course for almost the whole of Saturday. Sadly, the best part of the course was by far the massive stash of free pens that Ben found hidden in the corner of the lecture theatre. Some of the presentations were so bad that it made me think that perhaps I should go into presenting – I don’t think I’d be anything outstanding, but I figure that so long as you let your audience know what they should expect from your presentation, and then deliver it in a clear and concise mannor, you’d be well on the way to making people happy.

Also, I’ve decided that I’m getting old. For two reasons: firstly, I no longer require the most up-to-date games. On the contrary, the next game on my “must play” list is Mass Effect, which came out in 2008! Did they even have computers then?! One might argue that this makes me thrifty, not old – however, combine that fact with this one: my favourite piece of clothing at the moment is my windproof vest, from Kathmandu. I know that it’s not a fashion statement; or at least, if it is, then it’s not one that I’d ordinarily choose to make. But it’s so warm! And it layers so well, especially under my motorbike jacket! Again, one might argue that I’m not old, I’m simply “ahead of my time” – vests are coming back, you know! – but I think I’m really pushing the proverbial uphill with these two powerful facts combined. Also, I couldn’t find the button to turn video mode on on Skype the other day – though that one I choose to blame on poor interface design.

Now, here’s a photo of Ian and Oscar, which was quite blurry, however I think I’ve saved it by combining a soft focus filter with the all forgiving sepia brush.

Ian and Oscar

Finally – I’m heading to Sydney this week for the WebDU conference, which I’m very much looking forward to. Kristy and Oscar are flying down on Friday and we’re going to make a long weekend of it. Take that, Labour Day!

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9 comments on “Random
  1. jason says:

    Vests are so back this season!

  2. gerrod says:


  3. Vests are so back this season!

    [jason, via blog]

  4. Vests are so back this season!

    [jason, via blog]


    [gerrod, via blog]


    [gerrod, via blog]

  7. Louisa says:

    That is such a random post Gerry :)

  8. That is such a random post Gerry :)

    [Louisa, via blog]

  9. That is such a random post Gerry :)

    [Louisa, via blog]

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