As it turns out, the migraine that I suffered recently at Wendy’s Party was not the first I’ve had. In fact, the first migraine that I’ve ever had – or at least, that I can remember – was over Christmas last year. Since then, I’ve been getting one almost exactly monthly (with frequent headaches in between), and suffice to say, I am not happy with this new reality. I’ve been trying a number of home remedies to cure them – just the usual things like more coffee, more exercise, more beer, etc – but nothing seems to have fixed it. So, as a last result, I talked to our GP about it.

Now, it’s my opinion that we have a wonderful GP, even though the website for her medical centre looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 80’s. I mean, who uses tables to layout their site these days? I’m surprised they don’t have any “Under Construction” animated GIFs!

Anyway – our GP is very thorough, and she doesn’t pull any punches – if she thinks you’ve got something wrong, she’ll tell you about it, and she does not mince her words. And I’m all for it! I suspect people who like their bad news served sugar-coated may not agree, but I’d always prefer knowing full well what I’m up against. In light of this opinion, I’m not sure why it took me so long to consult her advice regarding the migraines; but, it is what it is.

Given her thoroughness, I was not at all surprised when she recommended that I get an MRI as a starting point for the migraines. She said that it’s “probably overkill” (probably?), but since I’m the wrong gender (migraines are apparently more common in women), that I’ve only recently started having them (rather than a recurrence from childhood), and that there’s no family history of them – it’s best to start with the worst-case scenario.

I have to admit, I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing, especially when they said that I’d have to have my head strapped down, and that I’d be enveloped in a narrow tube for half an hour. But actually, it was rather a non-event in the end – mainly because the tube was nowhere near as narrow as I had thought it would be. I guess I shouldn’t have be surprised; when Kristy made the booking for me, one of the questions they asked her was, “Does your husband weigh less than 150kg?”. For you non-metric folks out there (seriously? still?!) – that that’s almost double my bodyweight, so it was probably a safe assumption that I would have found it pretty roomy!

My scan was last Monday, and I go back to the GP tomorrow to find out the results. Everyone has said that “they would have called if it was anything bad”, and though I’m inclined to agree, it’s always a bit unsettling when you don’t know for sure. So, fingers crossed for some good news tomorrow – at the very least, I’m looking forward to seeing what my brain looks like! Can anyone tell me what the “Awesome Lobe” looks like, or will it be obvious since mine is clearly enlarged?

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Yucko on the migraines. 🙁 We also have a GP who doesn’t hesitate to prescribe tests or send us to a specialist to check problems out. Hopefully the MRI will show something helpful, so that you can figure out a solution to the migraines.
    My daughter had an MRI on Friday; not mich fun. Her specialist has said that we need to follow up with him, as he will not call us at all, whether it’s good or bad news.

  2. Louisa says:

    Goodluck! Hopefully its something really easy like “take this little tablet once and you will never get migraines again”.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Goodluck G!

  4. John Woo says:

    Dear Gerrod Thomas, sorry to know about this. Sheila Woo had similar issue quiet a long time ago. You may seek her for some details. Hope you feel good soon!

  5. Bill Harvey says:

    Good Luck G. Hopefully it will show nothing amiss. My GP has sent me for plenty of tests that were “just to be sure” and I’ve yet to be told anything bad. I have enough wrong with me as it is without any more surprises

  6. Julian says:

    I meant to ask you what the deal was with all the migraines. As it turns out, you wouldn’t have been able to tell me. But how weird is this? You went and had an MRI last Monday — I went and had one a week before that! (And no-one can claim that one was copying the other, because neither of us knew.) Mine was deemed “probably overkill” also. As for the MRI itself, I quite enjoyed it. They gave me pillows and everything. It was like a nice noisy train journey in a sleeping berth.

  7. Conrad says:

    Hopefully nothing serious!! But my guess is not enough water and maybe to much sugar in your diet…

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