As randomly mentioned, Kristy and Oscar joined me on Friday in Sydney for the Labour Day long weekend. Jason, Louise, baby Adam (who Oscar nicknamed “Ambo”) were our generous hosts.

Adam, Jason and Louise

Jason’s brother Richard is staying with them at the moment too, and he generously cooked all our meals for the weekend. It was amazing; his fajitas were a definite highlight! I’m told he does parties and weekends so long as you pony up for the airfares, and by my reckoning, it would be well worth it!

Whenever we go away with Oscar, his first night’s sleep in a foreign location/cot can only be (generously) described as “rubbish”, and consequently, we had a tired little boy on our hands on Saturday. To his credit, he did manage to stay pretty sparky for our morning visit to The Woo to meet Lisa and Damien’s new baby, Michael.

Lisa and Michael

I’m sure that most of his spark came from the fun he was having playing with Damien and the fan, not to mention his excitement at being able to say Lisa’s name over and over again (“LEE-tah! LEE-tah!”).

Sydney is world renowned for dining, and not only because of Richard’s fajitas. We also enjoyed an amazing lunch at The Boathouse at Summer Bay Palm Beach, about an hour’s drive (hence an hour’s nap for the kids) from the city.

The Boathouse

Their menu was so good that it was tough to choose just one thing, and every meal that came out while we watched from the queue made me change my mind! I finally settled on the fish ‘n chips though; it was a generous serving and deliciously prepared. Highly recommended!

Being Oscar’s first trip to Sydney, we figured we should get at least a couple of photos of him with some of Sydney’s famous landmarks, so on Sunday we took a boat ride from Kirribilli (where the PM lives) into Circular Quay. Ben’s awesome photo of Ted with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in the background convinced us that Mrs Macquarie’s Chair was the vantage point that we were searching for, but time was working against us; there was no way we were going to make it all the way around Farm Cove before sunset.

To save ourselves a bit of time, we decided to catch the choo choo train instead of walking. Asides from the speed advantage, this was beneficial for three reasons:

  • We got to have a (brief!) tour of the botanical gardens, and learn a bit of its history;
  • Kids under two ride free; and (most importantly)
  • The kids loved it!

We jumped off the train on the other side of Farm Cove and did our best to get a photo to signify the occasion.

Thomases in Sydney

As predicted, the sun had well and truly set by the time we got back to Circular Quay for our return ferry ride across the harbour. Our best option for getting back to the cars was to jump off at Luna Park and then walk, which was a huge bonus for me as it meant I could take a photo of the city lights.

Sydney at night

The rest of our three days seemed to fly past in a blur of chasing kids, parks, and just chatting with the Lowes (who we hope to see in Brisbane sometime soon – hint, hint!). It was a great weekend though, and I have to admit that I could easily see myself living in Sydney… if only I could convince all my Brisbane friends to relocate, and the real estate down there wasn’t so tooting expensive!

Photos in the Labour Day in Sydney album on Google+

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