Solar Power

We joined the solar revolution on Friday, when we had a 3.04 kW solar power system installed at our house. I’m hoping that we’ve hit the sweet spot in terms of timing the government rebates against the price of the components – and given that the current rebate program concludes at the end of June, I don’t think we could have got much sweeter!

Solar power

We used DPR Network to install the cells, as they had been well recommended (first by Michelle’s Dad Ray, to Ben and Michelle, who recommended to Jason and Susan, who then passed the referral on to me). Yes, they’ve done rather well out of our little circle! The upshot for me though is that we got a further $100 off the price since we were a referred customer – bonus!

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any stellar bright sunny days since the cells went in, so the system hasn’t had a good run for its money yet. But today during intermittent sunlight, I saw the instant readout peaking around 2.2 kW. Based on my limited observations, it seems as though anything above about 750 W is enough to make our electricity meter run backwards – unless of course we’re using the oven, or the microwave, etc. Our friendly installer – Will – said that from what he could see, we’d never have to pay an energy bill again, as we’d be generating more than enough power to cover our needs. Awesome!

In fact, on a good day in summer, we should be generating about double the power that we need to in order to wipe our our electricity bills, which means whatever we used to be paying as a bill, we will now get back as a credit. So based on some rough calculations, I figure the system will have paid itself off in around three years – and after that, everything else is profit!

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  1. Fingers crossed Govt doesn’t change the law in the interim. They’re prone to doing it at the moment.

  2. Solar power is evil

  3. breaking news….changes to Qld’s Solar Bonus Scheme will cap the $54 per year every household must pay for some homes to have cheaper solar power

  4. It seems stupid that they don’t change the buy-back rate to the same as the sell-back rate, but whatever! It looks like we’ll fall into the “existing customer” bucket since our installation was complete before the cut-off date.

  5. It’s immoral that the government is subsidising people who can well it afford it, to get them cheaper power. And the buy back rate should fully reflect the cost of dealing thousands of small providers.

  6. I partly agree; hence why I think if the buy and sell rate was the same it would be a decent compromise. Still, if the government wants to throw money at me, is it immoral for me to accept it? I might point out that on the flip side, they’re also pretty quick to ask me to to pay almost every single new tax that they invent, simply because I can “well afford it”… apparently…

  7. but if you wouldn’t do it without someone elses money…

  8. Julian says:

    “Ever since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun. I shall do the next best thing: block it out.”

    Once again, The Simpsons shines a light … nice work on the panels! You’re no longer a sucker.

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