Gold Coast Long Weekend

Given that last weekend was (a) bang in the middle of school holidays, and (b) the Gold Coast marathon, I was a little surprised that there wasn’t more people hanging about the coast; I can only conclude that folks were staying away since it’s the middle of winter, and the weather had been miserable all week. It rained lightly for most of our trip down on Thursday night (I had Friday off work), and it really poured down after we went to bed that evening. But luckily for us, the sun started to break through on Friday morning, not long after our breakfast at Piccolo. We walked up to the top of the headland which separates Miami and Burleigh to watch the clouds disappear.

Miami Beach

Things were already looking better by the time we got to the other side of the point (overlooking Burleigh)!

Burleigh Beach

In fact, it turned out we were extremely lucky with the weather; once the clouds left, they didn’t return for the entire weekend – nothing but blue skies did we see! This made the beach very appealing, and on both Friday and Saturday mornings, we made the most of the warm sand. For some reason, the number one thing that Oscar wanted to do while “on ‘olidays!” was to “build a turtle”, and he kept telling this to us over and over again. So, build a turtle we did!


Yes, it’s a bit hard to see because as it turns out, a sandy turtle doesn’t really contrast all that well with sand, so you’ll just have to believe me that it was there. And of course, as soon as the turtle was built, the first thing Oscar wanted to do was to destroy it, and destroy it he did. We kept digging up more and more sand to rebuild it bigger and bigger, which eventually led to a fairly sizable hole being created. And as it turns out, a gigantic hole is pretty much the most enjoyable thing to play in on the beach – yes, I know it doesn’t sound like much fun, but when the hole is equipped with steps, a slide, and ramps for a ball – well, as far as Oscar was concerned, it was the knees of the bees.

Giant hole

We also decided that being down the coast warranted a trip into Surfers Paradise (surely “Surfers” should have an apostrophe?), because Kristy wanted to check out one of the shops there, and I was craving a meal (and another souvenir glass) at Hard Rock. Sadly, we failed on both accounts – the shop Kristy was after has closed down, and Hard Rock had run out of souvenir glasses! None the less, the trip was a total success, because we still ate at Hard Rock (which meant I got to eat ribs); and, Oscar got to ride on a “giant windy-min” (= giant windmill, a.k.a. a Ferris wheel)!

The Giant Windy-min

The giant windy-min turns out to be quite decent value – $11 each for Kristy and I, and Oscar got to ride for free – for a full 15 minutes of windy-min action! And, being close to dusk, we were rewarded with some lovely sunset views up and down the coast, and of Cavill Avenue.

On the windmill

We checked out first thing on Sunday morning and headed out to Tallebudgera Valley to breakfast with Al and Suz. Their gorgeous kids are all a bit older than Oscar, and they happily took him under their collective wing, showing him around the house and sharing all their toys. It was so lovely to watch! Plus, it meant that we got to have a decent catch up with Al and Suz – to the point that breakfast rolled on to morning tea, and probably would have engulfed lunch too, had we not have eaten so well in the morning!

We had such a fantastic little “mini break” that it really makes me wonder why on earth we don’t go more often! We’re so lucky living in Brisbane to be blessed with amazing beaches so close to our doorstep, and (generally) favourable weather which allows us to enjoy them year round. Plus, even one extra day off work does wonders for the stress levels!

Bring on the next mini break, I say!

More photos in the Gold Coast Long Weekend album.

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  1. Gerrod the weather man?

  2. Gerrod the weather man?

  3. Gerrod the weather man?

  4. I love the photos G. I didn’t realise you’d taken so many good ones.

  5. I love the photos G. I didn’t realise you’d taken so many good ones.

  6. I love the photos G. I didn’t realise you’d taken so many good ones.

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