Sutton’s Beach

Desperate for a fix of sand on Sunday, we headed to Sutton’s Beach to see what it had to offer. Its funny as I don’t really think of the Redcliffe area as “beachy” but if you just want to dig in the sand and be close to a large body of salt water, it certainly beats the hour-and-a-bit drive to either of the coasts. Within about three minutes of arriving, we already had our “fort” set up, and only a few minutes after that, we had multiple layers of defense built to protect it from the oncoming tide.

Oscar at Sutton's Beach

As it turns out, it wasn’t really the oncoming tide that I had predicted.

One thing I noticed was that the sand was far “rockier” than the super-fine sand that you get at the coasts, which I’m more used to. This actually made it far easier to dig – though it didn’t hold its shape anywhere near as well (as such, our staircase was a disaster). Another bonus is it made it far easier to wash off!

Of course, no trip to the peninsula would be complete without stopping in on the Durham’s back deck for a coffee – which quickly turned into lunch, coffee, and cake. The Durhams treated us to pizza from Zorbas and I have to admit it was one of the best pizzas that I’ve had for a long time. Whatever their secret ingredient was (garlic), it really made the toppings sizzle (lots and lots of garlic). Delicious!

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  1. A fix of sand? I just wanted to leave the house! 🙂

  2. david says:

    Feel free to leave your house any time you like…..there is an open back deck here warmed by a nearby coffee machine.

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