After a week of staying in hospital with Leo, I was pretty exhausted by the time it got to Friday night. Worse still, the TV over his cot didn’t pick up channel 9, so I couldn’t even watch the Broncos game as I tried to nurse him to sleep!

In the morning, Mom came up as usual to relieve my shift, and afterwards, I walked back to my car which had been parked overnight on Herston Road. Now, I know that you’re supposed to check your mirrors before you start driving, but when you’re the only one who drives the car, its easy to fall into the habit of presuming that your mirrors are going to be exactly where they should be. As such, it was only when I got about half-way home and needed to check my passenger-side mirror in order to change lanes, that I noticed that not only was the mirror not where it should have been, but actually, it wasn’t even visible!

I immediately pulled over to inspect the problem, only to find that someone had forced the mirror so far backwards that the back cover had actually snapped right off! I was not impressed. Thankfully though, the assembly itself seemed to be intact, so I managed to bend it back to where it should have been and once again had a functioning mirror.

Swift Mirror

I turned the car around and drove back to where I had parked and sure enough, there was the back cover sitting on the side of the road – also, thankfully, fully intact. In fact, as it turned out, even all of the clips which hold the various parts in place were still intact.

When I got home, I pushed all the clips back together and reattached the cover to the mirror, and everything was back to where it should have been. The mirror arm suffered some minor scratches where the assembly rubbed up against it, but on the whole the paintwork escaped mostly unscathed. So, I guess it could have been worse.

Still, not the nicest way to round out the week. Looking back at where the car was parked, there is no way it could have been accidental, so it baffles me as to why someone would randomly do that. Other than the fact that they’re a scumbag, that is.

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4 comments on “Scumbags
  1. Whoa! Doesn’t it make you mad! Feeling for you; not that these ” feelings” are any practical help, but wishing you all well anyway. Btw, Scumbags is too polite a word!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    They must feel really bad about themselves to do that to someone else.

  3. John Woo says:

    Someone broke it!!!!

  4. John Woo says:

    Long time ago, I chained my bike at train station and next day I need to buy a new bike! Feeling for you!

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