An Evening with David Sedaris

Back when we were living in London, we accompanied Ariella to a David Sedaris show which was being live recorded for the BBC. Though Kristy had never heard of him before, I was well familiar with his work from many years of listening to This American Life.

Fast forward to my birthday last year, and what do I find in my card from Kristy? Tickets to another David Sedaris show! Of course, I would have preferred that the tickets were once again to a show in London – with flights and accommodation all included, of course – I wasn’t going to complain. And as it turns out, there were three tickets in the card, and Kristy instructed me that dear old Julian would be coming along with us. How swell!

Fast forward once again to last Wednesday night – showtime! Julian and I even made an evening of it, with a few pre-dinner drinks at Brew, followed by dinner at Pappa Rich – which I decided is basically the Malaysian version of Wagamamas. We met up with Kristy outside City Hall, then in we went.

City Hall

City Hall

The only downside of the show being in city hall was that I found the air conditioning a bit temperamental, and during some of the slower parts of the show, while it was a bit warm, I found myself starting to feel rather drowsy.

But that aside – it was a great! And in my opinion, quite a contrast to the last time that we saw him. I’m not sure this was due to the fact that he wasn’t being recorded for a radio show this time, but overall I thought he was much more candid; more “authentic”, if you will. His show followed the same “recipe”, in that he had once again selected a number of his stories which he read aloud, expressing all the humour, wit and charm that he’s famous for. However, he also went to some effort to engage the audience between the stories, talking off the cuff. He even entertained a few questions from the crowd at the end, which I was completely unprepared for (though judging by the quality of the questions, everyone else was also unprepared for this).

We skipped the post-show book signing given that it was already well past our bedtime (and because we don’t actually own any of his books), and headed home instead. All in all, a wonderful present, and a wonderful evening out.

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