Leo’s 2nd Birthday

Last weekend, we headed up to Nonni and Poppi’s holiday home to celebrate Leo’s second birthday. Two years old already! As has become tradition, Leo woke up to find balloons scattered all over his room (which – at the holiday house – is shared with Oscar).

Birthday balloons

Waking up to birthday balloons

Oscar was only too happy to help his little brother unwrap his presents, and just like at Christmas time, once Leo had opened one present, he was pretty uninterested in anything else! Poor old Nonni and Poppi’s presents barely even got a look in by the time we got downstairs!

Birthday breakfast consisted of pancakes, and Leo was pretty chuffed about it.

Breakfast pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast

Our morning routine at the beach house is all but set in stone by now: wake up, breakfast, physio, coffee, beach! So off we trundled to Bulcock Beach (via Lamkin Lane for coffee) for a morning of digging holes and splashing in the shallows.

Mia and Pa had arrived by the time we got back (more presents!), so we ate our lunch and then tucked into Leo’s birthday cake. Kristy had whipped up a chocolate swimming pool cake, held together by a boundary of TV snacks with jelly acting as the water.

2nd Birthday cake

Leo’s 2nd Birthday cake

Probably Leo’s favourite thing about his birthday was having everyone sing “Happy Birthday” to him, and immediately upon finishing he insisted we start again. “Peease Happ Birfday ‘gain!” he’d say… and how can you say “no” to that? In fact, over the course of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up singing “Happy Birthday” at least 30 times!

The weather was forecast to be pants in the afternoon, but luckily for us, the worst of it bypassed Caloundra, which allowed us a second trip to the beach! We headed to Kings this time, and enjoyed digging a big trench just near the waterline.

Home for a swim, dinner, and then off to bed as one very exhausted and happy little two year old. Happy Birthday Leo!

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