Camping at Bigriggin

OK, it was a while back now, but Ben, Rob, Piet and I managed to keep up our annual camping trip tradition for the second year running! After a recommendation from the Dahls (not to mention a boatload of borrowed equipment), we headed to Bigriggin Park, about two hours south of Brisbane, on the scenic rim.


Just like last year, we stopped off along the way for lunch and a few last-minute supplies (namely: beer and ice). For no particular reason, Ben and I decided upon XXXX Summer Bright Lager, and were rewarded with a free hat! Seeing our obvious dilemma (beer for two but a hat for one), the cashier kindly gave us a second free hat! Then, seeing how jealous Piet and Rob were of our stylish new hats, old mate cashier gave us two more free hats! He must have felt like Oprah!

Lads in their hats

After the excitement from our new hats died down, we continued on our journey and arrived at the campgrounds in the early afternoon. During planning, we had all failed to realise that we were actually going away for the ANZAC day long weekend, and the grounds were consequently packed. There were people everywhere! But, Bigriggin is deceptively large, and although we were closer to our neighbours than we would have preferred, we still scored a decent sized plot for ourselves, without feeling at all like we were intruding on anyone’s territory.

Our massive tent

We were a bit smarter about our food this year. I had read a great tip (from Cathy Johnson originally!) which basically said, “Cook your food before you go, that way you just have to warm it up instead of starting from scratch”. Genius! I correspondingly had prepared a lamb casserole in the slow cooker, and heating it up on the portable stove (thanks again Dahls!) meant dinner was a cinch.

Gerrod, Piet and Rob around the fire

Bigriggin imposes quite strict rules on its patrons, and we were a little surprised to see how strictly they were followed. Chiefly, the strict adherence to the “no noise after 9 PM” was quite a shock; we thought this would be quite loosely interpreted, and that people will still be up until the wee hours. But by 9 PM, the place was practically silent! Our party still stayed up chatting (very quietly!) for a while past 9 PM; not to mention throwing random things on the fire (obviously), but who were we to argue against a sensible bedtime?

The campground is quite well equipped for families, with a waist-deep lake to swim in, a bike track, a full toilet block with hot showers, and heaps of open spaces for ball games and frisbees. Ben made the most of the facilities by inviting Chellsie and the boys to join him for the remainder of the weekend, while Piet, Rob and I made the long trek back to Brisbane. Once again, a successful weekend of camping with the lads; we have already started (very loosely) planning next year’s trip.

More photos in the Bigriggin album on Google Photos.

Thanks to Ben and Rob for the photos used in this story.

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