Maroon Dam

Last weekend we headed south-west to Maroon Dam for the weekend, alongside the Priebes and The Dahls. Chellsie had done a bang-up job finding a huge holiday house big enough to accommodate us all (and then some!), and although the pictures on the website didn’t do a great job of selling it, it turned out to be wonderfully well equipped, and comfortable to boot.

The location was great for many reasons – it wasn’t too far to drive (about an hour-and-a-half from our house), yet it was far enough removed from the city that it felt like a proper weekend in the country. There was plenty of wildlife to see – lots of birds fluttering along the surface of the lake, and quite a lot of kangaroos out and about. Best of all, they had fire pits, so we campfired it up, and roasted ourselves some marshmallows!

Roasting Marshmallows

The kids loved the challenge of finding bigger and better marshmallow sticks, so naturally I took it one step too far.

Ridiculous marshmallow stick

Actually, it wasn’t just the marshmallow sticks; the kids loved everything about it! There was plenty of open grassy areas for running around, playing ball games, frisbee, and “spies”, and best of all, there was plenty of company.

Running games

By Saturday night, they were all shattered from a day of fun; luckily, there was also a TV for some pre-bed quiet time!

TV Time

Sunday brought with it a threat of severe storms, so we packed up quickly and headed back towards Brisbane. We struck a little bit of rain on the drive, but we made it home before the worst of the storm hit (and boy did it hit!).

Overall a wonderful weekend away with friends, one that I’d be keen to repeat as soon as possible!

More photos in the Maroon Dam photo album on Google Photos.

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    Dude… I don’t think your marshmallow tree trunk is long enough 😛

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