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Kristy’s new job

Well everyone, I got a new job! I don’t recall exactly when, though I think it was late April. I’m working two days a week at an engineering firm at South Bank, and so far it’s going swell! It’s very

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My winter coat

I bought it at an outlet mall in Vegas. It served me well for five northern winters. The satin lining is torn, though perhaps disintegrating is a better word. A tailor offered to replace it, but the work would have

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Oscar is 18 months old!

As you may have guessed from the title… Oscar was 18 months old on Friday! We celebrated with a trip to Go Wild Activity Centre and a slice of cake with his little friend, Lily. Here’s what the little guy

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We may have been a bit under the weather lately, but it’s reminded me of just how blessed we are. Sickly, but blessed. When I first caught the bug (ok, ok, Gordon), I had a husband to stumble into the

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A year in the life of Oscar

As 2011 draws to a close, I’ve looked back over what Oscar’s been up to this year and made a few notes here as reminders. Friends Oscar’s spent a fair bit of time in the company of his little friends,

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Turning 31 turns out to be pretty cruisy, pretty cool. I’m too old to get truly, butterflies-in-my-stomach excited but too happy to be filled with a pass-the-kleenex fear of ageing. My birthday arrived without a countdown, but left me with

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Neighbour day

Wednesday was “neighbour day” in our household, and reminded me that there are some really wonderful things about living in the ‘burbs. The weather was gorgeous, so Oscar and I started it on the front deck, watching the comings and

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Eleven months!

It’s been a big month for Oscar, in baby terms at least. He’s developed new interests, new skills and experienced new things. We’ve had a really fun time watching his antics too! These stories are chiefly to help us remember

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Ten months!

The little man has reached double (month) digits! Saturday the 23rd was the big day, though we got confused and thought it was Sunday. For that reason, here’s a photo of Oscar aged ten months and one day. (I know

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Breakfast in a hurry

On days when G has an early start, or Oscar is a bit clingy, eating a healthy breakfast can be a bit tricky. Here’s my solution: breakfast made the night before! My inspiration came from cafes at Heathrow airport. Take

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