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Happy Birthday to us

With both Kristy and my birthdays falling in October – as well as our anniversary – its always a busy month for celebrations! That said, once we had kids, celebrations seemed to be much lower key than what I remember

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Happy Birthday Oscar!

Three years out of four, we’ve somehow managed to be out of the house for Oscar’s birthday, and with the timing of our Sydney trip, this year was no exception. Next year, perhaps we’ll manage to stay in Brisbane and

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Back to London

After our trip to Edinburgh, we had a couple of days in London during which we had many things to cram in! The main purpose for our holiday was to see our friends on the other side of the world,

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Happy Birthday Dad

This year is a milestone birthday year for Dad, who hit the big 7-0 in the middle of the month. Wow! That’s exactly double my age (or at least it will be come October)! How do you celebrate when someone

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A wise man once said…

For my birthday this year, Kristy arranged some type of Facebook mail to some group of mutual facebook friends, which I can only assume was worded something like the following: As you would know, it’s Gerrod’s birthday on the 25th.

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Happy Birthday to me…

My birthday fell on the 25th of October this year, which also had the misfortune of being a Thursday instead of a more palatable Friday. Perhaps next year I’ll be more lucky; but as far as birthdayfests go, this has

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Happy Birthday Kristy

A big Happy Birthday to super wife and Mum Kristy, who hit (age unspecified) on Tuesday! Kristyfest 2012 kicked off with breakfast at Buzz Emporium, where we had been hyping up the pancakes to Jason and Louise since before their

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Oscar’s 2nd Birthday

We can hardly believe it, but our little boy turned two on Sunday! Two! When did that happen?! Just like last year, we started the day with presents in bed, and just like last year, he was more than happy

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Uncle Jason and Aunty Susan tried their hand at babysitting for the first time on Friday night, when Kristy and I headed out to Shorncliffe to celebrate her Mum’s “21st Birthday Party” (or at least, that’s what the sign said!).

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Oscar is 18 months old!

As you may have guessed from the title… Oscar was 18 months old on Friday! We celebrated with a trip to Go Wild Activity Centre and a slice of cake with his little friend, Lily. Here’s what the little guy

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  • Janet: Good luck, my Epson WP4530 is 18 months old and is giving me a paper jam error message. The paper isn’t out and there is no paper jam. I have spent 3 hours inspecting, cleaning and...
  • Jason: I did the tank swim many years ago as part of a work thing – pretty cool!
  • Leanne: Congratulations guys that is wonderful news!!!!
  • Nick: Hope you get better soon dude!! PS I’ve asked the misses for a new bike for my birthday with your initials on it :-)
  • Nick: Congratulations guys! So happy for you!!

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