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Espresso machine upgrade

Dear Miss Silvia is now over six years old, and though she’s still kicking along strongly, we felt it was time for yet another upgrade. Though I maintain that a Silvia is one of the best machines you can buy

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Kelvin Grove Coffee

There’s no shortage of coffee places near my new workplace, so its only fitting that I’ve been checking out as many of them as possible. Here’s my findings so far. The Coffee Laboratory Currently my pick of the coffee shops

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One of the many life lessons that Durhams imparted on us at our Boonaham weekend were the rules to “Chuck-a-puck”. It’s pretty simple, really: Select target Throw dried coffee puck at target Person who lands closest to target without having

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Farewell, David and Carol!

One of the best things about working on our little street in Newstead has been the Pipi Designs Espresso Store. Not only did it mean that delicious coffee was only a short stroll away, but the two proprietors – David

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Barista Training

Back when Oscar was only a few weeks old, Todd and Shannon sent him a lovely trainee barista apron. So cute! And yet, so practical! After all, Oscar has been in training since the day he was born! Perhaps even

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5 Senses Coffee

Oh, how I wish there were more people like Al and Suz in the world; not only would the world be a far better place, but there’d be more people out there who send me fresh coffee beans in the

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For the love of coffee

Oscar is finally starting to appreciate how awesome it is to have fresh coffee beans in the house. Admittedly at this stage, his love only extends so far as, “they make an interesting noise when you shake the tin”, but

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary! I think we did pretty well to put up with each other for almost six years before we required the company of a baby to keep our lives interesting :-). In eighteen years time,

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Oscar: Trainee Barista

We felt very privileged to be visited by Todd on Saturday afternoon, given that he was only in Brisbane for around 24 hours! He’s on his way to Big White in Canada, to work and board for the upcoming ski

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Sandwich Box

Venue number four in the £5 Breakfast Challenge was Sandwich Box, which is the last one on our side of the road before Acton Lane. Given that it’s right next to the Luna Caffe it’s pretty easy to miss, or

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Recent Comments

  • Carolyn: All fun aside, that is not a nice operation. I had one similar back when I was in my 20′s. Get well soon. Lots of Love.
  • Celeste Donnachie: Dude… that green moustache is impressive! You guys are going through so much. I love your positivity and upbeat attitude! You’ll conquer the world with it you know!...
  • Robyn: Being to look like Groucho Marx. Hope you recover quickly.
  • Mr Ed: :( I hope things turn the corner for you lot.. it seems like things get rougher and rougher.
  • Aubain Noel: Wow – glad it went well! Amazing picture too

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The trig point at Humphrey Head

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Meeting my first horse

Delicious turkey leg

Looking at the strip from The Stratosphere


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