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Congratulations, “Stevie”!

We have a winner! “Stevie” was the first one to correctly guess all the purchases: Julian bought the millionaire caramel slice and the biscuit men, totally blowing the budget in the process; Gerrod came home with the Ben and Jerry’s

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Two pounds fifty

We had to go shopping for groceries yesterday. Not content to have an ordinary shopping trip (who ever is?), I set the house a challange! The rules were pretty simple – everyone had to buy something for at least £2.00,

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Turducken – your questions answered

Just when you think you’ve seen it all (not that I really think that). I’ve discovered a Thanksgiving treat that I have never heard of before… what would you guess that a product called Turducken is? Don’t ruin the fun

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My bag was worth $27.76!

Thanks to everyone who had a guess in our competition! The most entertaining thing was the reasoning and explanations – we loved that Dad (in true Dad fashion) had a formula to work out how much was in there (and

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Competition time: What’s my bag worth?

Kristy and I headed to our “local” Coinstar on Sunday, to cash in all of the stupid small change (get rid of the penny already!) that we’ve been collecting for the past goodness-knows-how-long. I say “local” because our closest one

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Christmas Photo Competition 2005: The Winner

Many thanks to everyone who entered our photo competition, and also a big thanks to those that took the time to vote. It was a very close competition, with 5 photos proving especially popular with the voting public. And, much

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Christmas Photo Competition, 2005: VOTE NOW!

Thanks again to everyone that entered the Christmas Photo Competition for 2005. We’ve compiled all the entries, so now it’s time for you to vote! Voting is open until 16th January, 2006. So don’t delay! VOTE NOW

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Keep snapping!

As Racey so kindly pointed out, nothing further has been mentioned of the Christmas Photo competition. This is because we don’t have enough entries yet! I’ve decided there are a few possible reasons for this: Heaps of people are on

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Christmas Photo Competition, 2005

You read it right folks, it’s competition time again! This year we’re hosing a “Christmas Photo Competition”, and if its successful we’re going to make it an annual event. Fancy yourself as rather the happy snapper? Think you can take

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Well, voting for the art competition has been finalised – so of course thanks to everyone who voted – it was very close! And everyone is a winner… but to put it more accurately, Katie is the winner with her

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Recent Comments

  • Ben: Fingers and Toes
  • Stacey: Ooh good luck with your new bedtime friend!! Looking forward to hearing how much more awesome you feel in two weeks!! Fingers crossed for you.
  • Nick: Sorry to hear about that dude but I’m sure it’s much better to know. You’ll probably also feel amazing when you get real deep sleep again!
  • Lisa: Happy 1st Birthday, Leo! The picture w/ the sunglasses is priceless- just gorgeous!!! xo
  • Julian: Challenging pitch, provocative play – that match had it all. Incidentally, the stance I’m holding in the first picture is also the one I use for golf.

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