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A quick jaunt to Sydney

Aubain and Ingrid decided that they couldn’t come all the way to Australia without seeing Sydney, and so on Monday and Tuesday of their visit, I did my best to show them around a city that I myself am pretty

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Cinque Terre – the video

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to edit some of the video footage that we recorded last year, and haven’t done anything with. It’s slow going – finding spare time isn’t an easy thing to do, and

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Hong Kong

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many is a photograph worth? Or does that count as a picture, too? Truth be told, I only need one word: “Busy”. That’s what Hong Kong is. Now admittedly, this was taken

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Falmouth and Lizard

We were once again cursed by the weather on our Cornwall trip – it rained every day until about 2 PM, after which time the sun did its best to break through the clouds (though it didn’t always succeed). Still,

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St Ives

A few years back, Mom threatened us by saying: “Don’t bother coming home until you’ve seen St Ives”. And, I have to admit, that the number one reason we decided to spend our last days in England in Cornwall was

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St Michael’s Mount

Kristy had read about St Michael’s Mount in the Lonely Planet guide, and it sounded like something that was well worth a visit, so we ducked out to see it after the Minack Theatre. We were a little discouraged at

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The Minack Theatre

Overlooking Porthcurno bay in Penzance, the Minack Theatre is quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever seen, ever! And I’m not even a theatre fan! Basically, it’s an outdoor theatre built into the side of a rather steep

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For our final four days in the UK, and our final road trip in Gazpacho, we left London on Monday morning and headed out to Cornwall – the south-western most county of England. We’re staying here until Thursday, when we’ll

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Ireland: Killarney to Cork

We based ourselves in Killarney for day three, as there’s loads to do in that part of the country. First up was a visit to Ross Castle. Turns out there’s not much to do at Ross Castle, unless you’re willing

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Ireland: Doolin to Killarney

We had a big day of driving ahead of us for day two in Ireland, so we made an early start at the crack of dawn – which according to Sam and Dani is around 10am. We drove along the

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