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The Minack Theatre

Overlooking Porthcurno bay in Penzance, the Minack Theatre is quite possibly the coolest thing that I have ever seen, ever! And I’m not even a theatre fan! Basically, it’s an outdoor theatre built into the side of a rather steep

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For our final four days in the UK, and our final road trip in Gazpacho, we left London on Monday morning and headed out to Cornwall – the south-western most county of England. We’re staying here until Thursday, when we’ll

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Ireland: Killarney to Cork

We based ourselves in Killarney for day three, as there’s loads to do in that part of the country. First up was a visit to Ross Castle. Turns out there’s not much to do at Ross Castle, unless you’re willing

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Ireland: Doolin to Killarney

We had a big day of driving ahead of us for day two in Ireland, so we made an early start at the crack of dawn – which according to Sam and Dani is around 10am. We drove along the

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Ireland: Cork to Doolin

Our holiday in Ireland technically started late on Wednesday night last week, but I wouldn’t count our stay in the Cork airport Travelodge hotel as one of the highlights of our trip. No, things really kicked off on Thursday morning,

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Berlin is totally gay! Well, that’s not strictly true, it’s not totally gay, but it is the third largest gay city in the world, behind (heh heh) San Francisco and Sydney. Somehow we managed to visit on the weekend of

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Lake Garda

For the second long weekend in May, our personal travel planner – Suzie – organised an extended long weekend in Lake Garda. We took the early flight from Gatwick to Milan on Friday morning (which meant waking up at 3:45

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I’m so hungry, I could eat…

Here was me thinking that finishing that phrase with “a horse” was merely a comment on the size of your appetite; I had no idea you could literally eat horse. And yet, nearly all of the menus around Lake Garda

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Checking out a new city is always better when you’re there with an expert. With this in mind, we jumped at the chance when our Swedish friend Oscar (who I used to work with at CQS) offered us a tour

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On Wednesday morning, we grabbed a final coffee (espresso for Kristy, Macchiato for me) from Burgus – our favourite coffee shop in Vernazza – before heading to the train station. It was a fairly uneventful trip back to Milan –

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  • Alison Bowman: Thank you for this. I just got the printer head error message on my Canon, so I’m preparing for the worst for my two year old lightly used printer. Maddening.
  • Jo: His name wasn’t Jack, was it?
  • gerrod: No sorry – they were at Bunnings at Stafford (Brisbane), from memory!
  • Ben: Are those photo taken at the Hervey bay Bunnings warehouse.
  • Ben: Fingers and Toes

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