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A long time between drinks

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. Where does the time go? Fig Tree Walk A few weeks ago, we joined Julian and Shelley on an adventure up the coast. Julian had organised for us all to do the

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Four days at Currimundi

Its been a long start to the year, so over the Mother’s Day we headed to Currimundi for a four day weekend after deciding that we were well overdue for some downtime. We’d never stayed at Currimundi before, only visited

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Fuel consumption

I’m convinced the fuel consumption computer on my Swift is wrong. I’ve been tracking this since the day I bought the car, and for the most part, the type of driving I do is pretty consistent (mainly commuting to/from work,

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With two long weekends in a row, its felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to not go away somewhere and do something crazy fun. But we’ve none-the-less enjoyed having some downtime based at home, and we had plenty

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King Island Walk

A while back, Kristy found an article on must do Brisbane about walking to an island at low tide. Intriguing! Sounded like something right up our alley! So we trundled over to Wellington Point on Saturday to check it out.

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Sutton’s Beach

Desperate for a fix of sand on Sunday, we headed to Sutton’s Beach to see what it had to offer. Its funny as I don’t really think of the Redcliffe area as “beachy” but if you just want to dig

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Oscar’s Kindy Picnic

On Saturday morning, we trolleyed down to Teralba Park to meet up with a gaggle of other youngsters (and their families) from Oscar’s kindy. It was a picnic morning tea organised by the centre to give the families and staff

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The Waiting Game

Tomorrow, Kristy will be ten days overdue with #2. For the most part, the waiting has been fine – we’ve just kept our plans very light over the last few weeks, and taken each day as it comes. And on

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Swimming with the French(es)

Our backyard is quite private, given that we’re pretty much at the top of a hill, and have fairly high fences and hedges around most of the yard. The only exception to this the back neighbour’s house on the right,

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Cookeing in Brisbane

Yes, I’m really harping on a theme here, but this is the last post I promise! After our vacation at the coast, we all headed up to Brisbane for the final leg of the Cooke’s Australian tour. Brisbane is a

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  • Bill Foley (v.senior): Our Dyson was born in the Retrovision Hospital on 4/1/2007. Given a bit of a thrashing on DIY projects in addition to the house. New motor needed in 8/2013, parts and labour...
  • Jenni: OMG! I now know why you and Nathan were friends at school! Nathan has several spreadsheets dedicated to our solar production and when our solar wasn’t producing to the capacity it was...
  • viiviiviivii: Long time no writing ;) Fuel consumption is a fickle thing, another way is to try on reddit, or perhaps Today Tonight (if that is still on the air!). ;)
  • Ben: I’m in for river fire too.
  • Carolyn: All fun aside, that is not a nice operation. I had one similar back when I was in my 20′s. Get well soon. Lots of Love.

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