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Stradbroke Island

The first of our week-long trips was to North Stradbroke Island (“Straddie”) at the beginning of the month. Mom and Dad joined us for the first four days, and then we stayed on for three more after they left. I’m

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Wandering Cooks Phenomnomnom

Kristy had the bright idea the other night that we should try out some culture and eat at Wandering Cooks. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s called that or “Food Truck Phenomnomnom”, or “Nom at Night”, and my research isn’t

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Underwater World

Prior to today, I had never been to Underwater World. I remember seeing the ads for the underwater tunnel as a kid and thinking it looked amazing, but as I grew older and more cynical, I thought, “Surely it’s way

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Pine Rivers Model Train show

Oscar, Dad and I hit the Strathpine Community Centre today to see the Pine Rivers Model Train show. One booth had nothing but model boats, and I was tempted to inform the lads that perhaps they had taken a wrong

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Random photos

Some random photos from the last couple of weeks.

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The Pine Rivers Show

Always looking for new ways of entertaining the kids (or more specifically Oscar; Leo is entertained simply by smiling at him), Kristy suggested I take him along to the Pine Rivers Show to watch the fireworks. He’s been asking about

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A long time between drinks

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. Where does the time go? Fig Tree Walk A few weeks ago, we joined Julian and Shelley on an adventure up the coast. Julian had organised for us all to do the

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Four days at Currimundi

Its been a long start to the year, so over the Mother’s Day we headed to Currimundi for a four day weekend after deciding that we were well overdue for some downtime. We’d never stayed at Currimundi before, only visited

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Fuel consumption

I’m convinced the fuel consumption computer on my Swift is wrong. I’ve been tracking this since the day I bought the car, and for the most part, the type of driving I do is pretty consistent (mainly commuting to/from work,

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With two long weekends in a row, its felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to not go away somewhere and do something crazy fun. But we’ve none-the-less enjoyed having some downtime based at home, and we had plenty

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Recent Comments

  • Jason: I did the tank swim many years ago as part of a work thing – pretty cool!
  • Leanne: Congratulations guys that is wonderful news!!!!
  • Nick: Hope you get better soon dude!! PS I’ve asked the misses for a new bike for my birthday with your initials on it :-)
  • Nick: Congratulations guys! So happy for you!!
  • gerrod: Yes I do, its fantastic! I get 2 – 3 months out of each razor!

Random Photos

Martyn in the hammock



Kristy on the cupola



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