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March of the Noëls

Our dear friends Aubain and Ingrid flew half way across the world – with their girls who are both under five – just to see us! OK, they came to see Julian and Shelley and baby Alby too, and I

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First day of prep

It seems as though 2016 has started as a year of milestones; first, with Leo’s second birthday, and then in the same week, Oscar’s first day at prep! Oscar sailed through his first day with smiles, and was even happy

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An Evening with David Sedaris

Back when we were living in London, we accompanied Ariella to a David Sedaris show which was being live recorded for the BBC. Though Kristy had never heard of him before, I was well familiar with his work from many

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Landscaping: Before and After

Back in September, we commissioned a huge landscaping project at our house, taking a gamble on a guy we found on Gumtree. His sales pitch was admittedly not the greatest, but he won us over on two factors. His price

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Camping at Lake Broadwater

A few weeks ago (quite a few weeks now, actually), Rob and I joined Piet and Ben on their annual camping trip. “Annual” may be a little generous – this being only the second year the trip has been run

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Five days at the Gold Coast

Mom and Dad’s unit at Grande Florida had quite a bit of vacancy in March, so we felt it was our duty as good family members to go down and keep it company last week. We really lucked out (in

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The Inaugural Croquet match

Way back when team Barbeque Chicken was a whole, in the glory days of our Putney apartment, Shelley and Julian introduced us to the wonders of croquet. When they first told us that “croquet is awesome”, followed closely by, “no

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Happy New Year!

As seems to have become the tradition, The Fourbies last night hosted a lovely little New Year’s eve shin-dig at their house. And, for the second year running, we once again made it through dinner without having to call the

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This and that

Since having two kids, I have definitely found that its much harder to find the time to blog as frequently as I used to. Each night, in our heads, we have the kids “tucked in by 7 PM”, but in

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A week in Sydney

The second of our week-long holidays was a jaunt down to Sydney to stay with long time friends Jason and Louise, who we met way back in 2005 in New York. Oh, how time has changed since then! Like us,

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