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Goodbye, London!

The last thing I remember our dear friends Ben and Michelle doing before they left London, was sitting in our lounge room, waiting until it was time to go to the airport for their flight. Ben was investing the time

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For our final four days in the UK, and our final road trip in Gazpacho, we left London on Monday morning and headed out to Cornwall – the south-western most county of England. We’re staying here until Thursday, when we’ll

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A London Farewell

On Sunday afternoon, we held a very casual “Farewell London” party at our favourite pub, The Jolly Gardeners (the same place we held my 30th birthday). We turned up a little early to enjoy one last Sunday roast for lunch

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Food in Chiswick

Chiswick High Road has load of restaurants along it, to the point where you’re actually spoiled for choice when selecting where to dine. Of course, it has its share of the high road regulars – Pizza Express, Nandos, Giraffe, etc.

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London’s historic houses

Preparing for a move is always hard. There’s the packing, the admin, the goodbyes, the mental adjustment to your new life, and the regrets about whether you’ve really made the most of the time you’ve lived in a place. With

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Time is (not) on my side

In just over two weeks, we’ll be on a plane bound for Hong Kong. Who’d have thought there’d be so much involved in moving countries?! So much to do, so little time! Unfortunately, I’ve not been home enough to keep

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Cooke-ing in London

The Cookes are here! I trolleyed out to Heathrow on Sunday morning to pick them up after their red-eye from Florida. They looked surprisingly chirpy given that that’d averaged about 13 minutes of sleep between them! We took them for

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Tayyabs with Jacob and Daniella

Backing up from a weekend full of visitors, Jacob and Daniella landed in London to polish off what sounded like a fairly amazing honeymoon, only one week later! We arranged to meet up with them for dinner last Thursday (1st

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Visitors in June

Back in June, when my favourite visitors of all – Pearl Jam – were in town, many of our other favourite visitors were in town as well! And yes, I would say that about pretty much anyone that comes to

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Boating along the Thames

Yesterday, we joined Aubain in Ingrid in a lovely boat trip along the Thames. We picked up our boat from the boat hire company in Datchet around 11 AM, then set out “uphill” towards Windsor and Maidenhead. It was perfect

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