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Leo’s 2nd Birthday

Last weekend, we headed up to Nonni and Poppi’s holiday home to celebrate Leo’s second birthday. Two years old already! As has become tradition, Leo woke up to find balloons scattered all over his room (which – at the holiday

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Ileostomy Reanastomis, take two

Last Friday, Leo headed into hospital for a second attempt at his ileostomy reanastomosis (or “stoma closure” in layman’s terms). After the last attempt went so disastrously wrong, we were understandably nervous about how things were going to go this

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Leo had his four month birthday about a week ago, which meant he was given the green light for solid foods. Truth be told, he’s actually been having (a very limited amount of) solids since he got his CF diagnosis,

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Surgery, surgery, surgery

Ever since Leo had a stoma put in, it was on the cards that the stoma would be coming out. Our understanding was that it could happen anytime from about six weeks old onwards, and that the preferred option was

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The weigh-in

Every Wednesday and Thursday, the Royal Children’s Hospital runs a “clinic”, at which they (do their best to) make available all the specialists involved in Leo’s care (and naturally, other kids with CF too). I presume the clinic runs for

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Good news, and…

Leo is home! During his recovery in the SCN, one of the consulting doctors had the bright idea to try him with a breastfeed to see how he’d take it. Of course, with his stomach being so touch-and-go, it had

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Life and Leo

Sadly, Leo is still in hospital, and will be for probably a few more weeks yet. He’s making good progress on his recovery though – he graduated from ICN into the SCN about a week ago, which means the medical

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What a difference (another) 24 hours makes.

One of the checks they do on newborns before letting them out of the hospital is to ensure they’ve dirtied (at least) one nappy in the first 24 hours – generally, they use this to work out if all their

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What a difference 24 hours makes!

Leo William Thomas has arrived! Kristy started contractions at around 10:40 PM last night, followed by her waters breaking at 11 PM. By 11:40 PM, Kristy’s parents had arrived to stay at our place and look after Oscar while we

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