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First day of prep

It seems as though 2016 has started as a year of milestones; first, with Leo’s second birthday, and then in the same week, Oscar’s first day at prep! Oscar sailed through his first day with smiles, and was even happy

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Happy Birthday Oscar!

Three years out of four, we’ve somehow managed to be out of the house for Oscar’s birthday, and with the timing of our Sydney trip, this year was no exception. Next year, perhaps we’ll manage to stay in Brisbane and

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The Pine Rivers Show

Always looking for new ways of entertaining the kids (or more specifically Oscar; Leo is entertained simply by smiling at him), Kristy suggested I take him along to the Pine Rivers Show to watch the fireworks. He’s been asking about

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Questions for the hairdresser

Oscar’s mop had started to get a bit out of control, so we booked him in for a haircut at Tracey G’s last week. This was Oscar’s third or fourth haircut, so even though his favourite hairdresser – Tracey G

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Co-workers at home

Our household is just getting over some pre-winter bugs which have been knocking us around for weeks; so much so that Kristy and I have both ended up on antibiotics! We’re near the end of the course now though so

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Go fly a kite!

Back a few weeks ago when it was ridiculously windy, we decided to try our luck with flying a kite. I can remember when we were kids, Jason and I used to be quite the avid kite pilots (presuming that’s

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I have a six!

Oscar has always been a bit of a light sleeper, which has typically meant an early start to the day for us. During winter, he managed to stay in bed until around 6:30 AM or so, but as the days

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Fun in the park

We’re still living out at M&D Harvey’s house at Strathpine while our house renovations are finalised (so close now!), and one big plus of being here is how many great parks there are around us. To get to the closest

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Choo choo!

Kristy’s folks live only a short stroll from Bray Park train station, and as such we’ve been taking the train to and from our work places. This is great news for Oscar, because he’s been coming down to the station

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Oscar’s 2nd Birthday

We can hardly believe it, but our little boy turned two on Sunday! Two! When did that happen?! Just like last year, we started the day with presents in bed, and just like last year, he was more than happy

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