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Maroon Dam

Last weekend we headed south-west to Maroon Dam for the weekend, alongside the Priebes and The Dahls. Chellsie had done a bang-up job finding a huge holiday house big enough to accommodate us all (and then some!), and although the

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Congratulations Stu, Celeste and Thor!

We first met Stu and Celeste when we were living in London, when they came along with Nathan to one the many music festivals that we went to in Hyde Park. Back then, they told us that their medium term

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Samford Park

You can’t beat a bonus day off for the Ekka! And what a glorious day it is! We met up with the Priebes for a play in Samford Park, to catch up with our friends and to soak up some

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One of the many life lessons that Durhams imparted on us at our Boonaham weekend were the rules to “Chuck-a-puck”. It’s pretty simple, really: Select target Throw dried coffee puck at target Person who lands closest to target without having

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The second annual general meeting of The Ham Society took place this past weekend, at a delightful house just outside of Boonah – which of course was renamed to “Boonaham” for the weekend. The views from the house across the

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Jules and Shelley!

It’s about time that Julian and Shelley paid a visit to Australia! We’ve missed them! So have a whole host of other people it would seem, judging by the throng of people that gathered to see them at Julian’s parent’s

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Christmas lights

When I used to live over at Bracken Ridge, the Durhams used to come over each year just before Christmas, and we’d all walk over to Wickfield Street, where the first dozen (or so) houses on either side of the

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Hello, Abigail!

After a lot of ups and downs in September/October (not to mention Oscar repeatedly getting sick), it took us over a month to finally meet the latest addition to the Johnsen family – baby Abigail! Unsurprisingly, she’s adorable! As you

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Amyfest 2011

We’ve just returned from a glorious long weekend in Mt Tamborine, where we joined the Durhams in a magnificent celebration of Amyfest 2011! Janelle found us some superb accommodation in Eagle Heights, at a place called the Sky House. The

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The Breakfast Club

No, not the classic flick from the 80’s; I’m talking about the regular breakfasts that we’ve been having with Team Threebie and Team Johnsen! A couple of weekends back, we met at the Threebie’s house where BaM whipped up a

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