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Heavenly hot chocolate

Stacey recently sent me a block of Simon Coll hot chocolate – what a legend! Shortly after Stacey commented on Facebook about drinking an awesome hot chocolate (piquing my curiosity), a beautiful package of said delicacy arrived in the mail.

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Visitors in June

Back in June, when my favourite visitors of all – Pearl Jam – were in town, many of our other favourite visitors were in town as well! And yes, I would say that about pretty much anyone that comes to

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The Lake District: Now, on video!

As you may remember, we spent our Easter long weekend with Racey and Wes in The Lake District. As usual, we took a decent chunk of video footage, and I finally had a chance on the weekend to put it

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Geocaching with @thebramleys

Right back when we first started geocaching, we knew it would be right up Team WeStace’s ally, and oh boy were we right! In fact, McRacey got into it so much that she pronounces her geocaching username differently depending on

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Stacey is down for the weekend! It’s so good to see her again; it feels forever since we’ve seen her! But unfortunately I’ve woken up with a touch of a cold (sore throat, low energy, headaches), which is totally not

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The Lake District

As predicted, we enjoyed a lovely four-day weekend in The Lake District with Stacey and Wes! Our drive up was fairly uneventful, save for the double caramel latte that Mr Fool at Costa thought I wanted. And the look he

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Off to the lovely Lake District

We will be spending our lovely four-day weekend in a lovely cottage called

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Absence of Jelly at Zed Warz

I was hoping that PK was lying to me and that the Zed Warz really was going to turn into a big jelly fight. But turns out he was right – it was basically an excuse for a whole bunch

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First day at work!

As Homer puts it so eloquently – “It’s my first day!”. I hope that Stacey and Jason both used that excuse for some misbehaving today, as you don’t get too many first days at work. (Well, if you do, then

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I need a new car…

Stacey came over tonight, and told us that she was going to show us “The Beast”. We had no idea what “The Beast” was, but as it turns out, it’s a brand new Mini Cooper! How cool is she? Mini’s

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