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Livin’ on a prayer

Way back in 1995 when I finished high school, I attended my first ever concert with brother Jason – Bon Jovi, playing at Lang Park stadium. Almost 20 years later and we were all back! If it looks like we’re

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Right off the back of the YOW conference, I headed to the Entertainment Centre on Tuesday night to catch up with my old friends, Muse. I probably say it after every Muse concert (having seen them play four times now),

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City & Colour

As often seems to be the case, there’s quite a number of bands touring in December/January that I’d love to go see play. I’ve managed to secure tickets to three concerts before the end of the year, the first of

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Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria

There are very few bands that I’ve seen play live as many times as I’ve seen Coheed & Cambria. Powderfinger would come close, but I suspect that they won’t be putting up much of a fight anymore, now that they’ve

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I didn’t even bother trying to get tickets to Radiohead, as I figured that they’d somehow sell out a minute before they even went on sale. Speaking to various people who did try to buy tickets online confirms this was

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I’ve almost lost count of the number of times I’ve seen Karnivool live. Actually that’s not true; it’s only three, with Friday night’s gig at The Tivoli being the third. This time they were touring on their “Melodias Frescas” (i.e.

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Imogen Heap

If Kristy and I were to list the artists or bands that both of us absolutely love, Imogen Heap would likely be number one on the list; and it’s equally likely that there’d be absolutely no-one following her. This is

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Catching up

Last week was a very busy one, and this one hasn’t been much different! Here’s a few highlights from the last week and a half. Quiz night: On Friday night, we went to the second quiz night since our arrival

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Out and about

Sometimes, life seems to pass by so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time. It’s a condition that I like to call “The Thomas Paradox”. Generally, our weeks are pretty quiet (slow), but the weekends are a hive

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It’s fair to say that I’ve been to a number of concerts over the years, and though it’s hard to choose a single favourite, I’d definitely put the first Muse concert I saw very close to the top. So, when

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Recent Comments

  • Ben: Fingers and Toes
  • Stacey: Ooh good luck with your new bedtime friend!! Looking forward to hearing how much more awesome you feel in two weeks!! Fingers crossed for you.
  • Nick: Sorry to hear about that dude but I’m sure it’s much better to know. You’ll probably also feel amazing when you get real deep sleep again!
  • Lisa: Happy 1st Birthday, Leo! The picture w/ the sunglasses is priceless- just gorgeous!!! xo
  • Julian: Challenging pitch, provocative play – that match had it all. Incidentally, the stance I’m holding in the first picture is also the one I use for golf.

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