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Happy 2012!

After last year’s dismal attempt to see midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day, I have to admit that I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about seeing 12 AM on the 1st of January, 2012. But I’m proud to report that not only

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Nick and Suzie’s BBQ

It’s a good thing that Powderfinger put on such a good show on Saturday night, because prior to rocking up to the concert, Julian, Shelley and I had been enjoying an amazing BBQ at Nick and Suzie’s place! It had

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Happy 21st, Jacob!

Our family and the Doherty family have been friends for pretty much as long as I can remember. When we moved to Brisbane from Ingham, the Doherty family lived at the bottom of our street. Anyway, since the tender age

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Err… I think you misheard me

Kristy and I headed out to Stacey’s house to celebrate her 26th birthday last night. In true fashion, it was cocktail party time. We brought the Jim Beam, and 3 bottles of schnapps. So anyway, there I am making

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A gathering of goths

Any excuse for a party is a good excuse, so Bender’s idea to have a goth party was a corker. As such, last night’s gathering of goths compared favourably to those held back in the times of Dracula. Ben’s promise

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Local lady fulfills life-long ambition

A dedicated group of friends last week used their collective monies to fulfill a local girl’s life-long dream. “Ever since I was a kid, I saw people on TV eating KFC out of a bucket, and having a good time”

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Officially Engaged

Kristy and I had our engagement party this afternoon, at Wyllie Park, Petrie. It was so good to have all of our friends gathered in the same place at the same time! People from almost all walks of life were

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Lavish Party thrown for an amazing couple

An elaborate party was held at Morayfield last night, to celebrate the engagement of Micah Wicham and Rachael Elms, known affectionatly to their friends as “Mikey and Rachey”. “Hey I just can’t believe how far Micah has come”, was the

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No cock-and-bull BBQ

Saturday night was spent at a reunion BBQ for the old Compaq crew, at Al & Suz’s house. It was cool to see everyone again, especially those that have fallen out of touch. Thanks very much to Tim for his

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More guts, anyone?

Last night, Steve & Allie were kind enough to host a cocktail party in honour of Kristy and my engagement. What legends! Everybody had a fantastic time, enjoying local and boutique beers, as well as various cocktails that I have

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