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10 on the 10th – September

We were driving for much of the 10th, and for some reason, we didn’t take any photos of the trip along the way. Instead, we got lots of the before and afters!

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10 on the 10th – August

Yes! Another 10th on a weekend – and what a day it’s been! Oscar and I went to the movies – his first trip ever! And he loved it!

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10 on the 10th – July

I have a confession to make – I did terribly on the 10th this month. All started well but then the day just got away from me, and by the end of it I’d taken all of only two photos!

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10 on the 10th – June

The 10th of June was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, which meant a bonus day off! Pity it was raining; but we made the most of it!

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10 on the 10th – May

One again, the 10th this month fell on a weekday. A Friday, no less! I lamented in April how terrible the camera was in my Nexus 4, and that given the choice, I would replace it with an HTC One.

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10 on the 10th – April

Since starting 10 on the 10th, April was the first month we’ve hit where the 10th fell on a weekday. I had to cheat a little for this one – I only managed nine photos, so I’ve stolen one from

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10 on the 10th – March

The 10th of March happened to be the Saturday of Dad’s first party; as such, the entire day was consumed by preparations, the party itself, and then cleaning up. Consequently, you can probably guess what the theme of the photos

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10 on the 10th

I’ve always been intrigued by the “a photo a day” challenges that people do, and have always thought that I’d quite enjoy it! But, to be honest, days are often very samey, and I suspect that although I started the

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Ahh, Amsterdam, the land where practically everything is legal, all the girls sound like Ingrid (our friend, who is Dutch), and you’re statistically more likely to get run over by something than anywhere else in the world. Well, I’m sure

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You’re gonna find me…

A few weeks ago, Aubain and Ingrid asked us to go on a “short country walk” with them today, provided the weather was ok. Things were not looking promising with heavy rain all day yesterday, but today turned out to

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  • Nick: Congratulations guys! So happy for you!!
  • gerrod: Yes I do, its fantastic! I get 2 – 3 months out of each razor!
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  • Bill Foley (v.senior): Our Dyson was born in the Retrovision Hospital on 4/1/2007. Given a bit of a thrashing on DIY projects in addition to the house. New motor needed in 8/2013, parts and labour...
  • rich: Too right! Everything about phil and teds is annoying,,from where the valve is to chopping your fingers off trying to open it , to scraping it along the floor after your ve chopped your...

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