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Julian’s First Cache

On Saturday, we headed back to Putney to grab the last of our stuff from the house, as well as give our room a proper scrub down. Cleaning that little shower was hard work! The roof was just too high

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The pubs along the river

Ever since moving to Putney, we’ve meant try out the pubs which are along the river, on the western side of Putney Bridge. With such beautiful weather this summer, we were hardly begging for opportunities, however we never seemed to

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Sorry for the slight delay

No matter how hard I try to avoid it, it seems as though I always end up getting the 08:22 train from Putney to Waterloo (though I bail after two stops, at Clapham Junction) in the mornings. I strongly dislike

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The Lawnmower Man

The grass in our backyard has pretty much laid dormant for the whole time we’ve been here… until now! The rain and sunlight that we’ve been getting since March seems to have been just what the grass-doctor ordered. By the

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Out and about

It’s been lovely weather this weekend in London – very cold, but nice, clear days. Given that we could actually see the sun, we tried to get out as much as we could to make the most of it. Yesterday

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Friends Oriental Food Hall

Competition update: It appears the competition is far harder than I expected, so I’ll make it a bit easier. Don’t worry about guessing who went over/under budget, just try to guess who bought what. Current entries are still ok unless

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Christmas in Putney

We declared Sunday the 21st to be Christmas in Putney, since Kristy and I were flying out to Germany only a few days later. The first order of the day – after banana pancakes, of course – was opening our

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I came home a few weeks ago to find a box sitting in the lounge room. Since I get all my packages delivered to work, I ignored it for a few days, until finally on the weekend I looked at

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Overcrowding on London Trains

Kristy recently pointed out to me a website which calls for people’s opinions about overcrowding on overground rail routes. Having now been an overground commuter for a number of months, I felt I was in a good position to share

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Composting like champions

A number of weeks ago, Kristy organised for our household to get a compost bin. Yes, we’re all hippies, and we’re concerned for the environment, so we’re going to do our part by composting that which can be composted. We

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