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The weekend wrap-up

I feel so cheap doing the “weekend wrap-up” post when we had no less than three (or four at a pinch) bloggable events! But, time is so precious these days, and truth be told, I only took photos for one

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If Julian were ever to see Boy, I would imagine he would comment that it was “strange”. And he’d be right, it is a strange film! I’m terrible at trying to summarise film plots, but since this isn’t a primary

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Goal setting with GoodDay

It’s easy to set goals and resolutions in January, but difficult to keep them top of mind as the months roll by. To help me stay on track day by day I’ve found a great iPhone app called GoodDay. It

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The Adjustment Bureau

If Kristy and I each had a dollar for every visit to the movies that we’d enjoyed since Oscar was born, we’d almost be millionaires with a grand total of two dollars between us. In fact, until Saturday afternoon, we

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More movies

Blockbuster have a deal – four movies, four nights, for £10 – so when we watch one move, we end up watching four. Here’s a short review of the other three from our latest batch: 9: Very interesting! This is

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A week of nothing

Where did the week go? Not a lot happened, and yet I feel like we haven’t really been home at all! On Tuesday night, we met up with cousin Louise, and her sister (hence also cousin) Kylie. Kylie is fresh

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Movies, movies, movies

Kristy having bronchitis at the moment has given us the perfect excuse to stay in and catch up on some films. We took advantage of Blockbuster’s “4 films for £10” deal and got out four different films… though you probably

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Me talk pretty one day

Back in November, Ariella invited us to see a David Sedaris radio show being recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre near Oxford Circus. I’d never heard of Sedaris, but the idea of seeing a radio show recorded sounded like fun.

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2009: The year in music

Heads up: Pearl Jam are playing at Hard Rock Calling in London next year! Buy yourself a ticket then let me know that you’re coming so we can meet up! In my opinion, 2009 was a fantastic year for music.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

The moment I saw the preview for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (= HP6), I knew that I’d be watching that bad boy at IMAX, which they so proudly boast as “the biggest screen in Europe”. (Or perhaps

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