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YOW Conference

Last week, Ben and I attended the YOW Software Developer’s conference at the Brisbane convention centre. It was great! I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money or not, but I’m really glad that I went. It was

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If you’ve ever wondered why some people have a picture next to their name when they leave a comment, then wonder no more! You too can join the elite rank of the pictured cool, simply by getting yourself a gravatar!

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Moblog – the way it should be

I’ve had a moblog account since August, 2004, but today is the first time I’ve actually sent a photo to it via my mobile phone. See, I couldn’t do it with my Nokia 6610 because it didn’t have a camera

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Xml documents and javascript

For the last few days at work, I’ve been struggling to get an Xml document to load properly in a cross-browser friendly way. Seemingly, as is the way with all things browser related, what works in one doesn’t work in

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Minor tweaks got a few minor tweaks this morning, namely a few updates to the banner and skin (Note: Please press Ctrl+F5 if you see any problems!), and some tweaks to the stylesheet and HTML for validation. As it turns out

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Are you an end guy, or a middle guy?

I only did a half-day at work today. For the second half, I headed down to Union Square, where Microsoft were holding an MSDN event at the movie cinemas. No, it wasn’t a movie, it was some bird preaching why

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It’s been a frustrating night. Well, not the whole night; Kristy and I dined at a (very) local pub called Murphys, where I had some of the best pork ribs I’ve ever tasted. Not only did all the meat fall

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I’ve been playing around with NHibernate for the last few days, as it’s a product I’ve been curious about for some time. If the name sounds familiar, it should – it follows in the tradition of NAnt, NUnit and others

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ReSharper 2.0 EAP

After a long and patient wait, ReSharper 2.0 has finally gone EAP. Resharper is a utility made by the good folk at JetBrains, which brings a lot of functionality available from their award winning Java IDE to the sadly lacking

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My first mobile page: Scrabble fans, take note!

ASP.NET v2 has really ramped up their support for mobile web pages, with a whole host of new mobile web controls, and much better development support built into Whidbey. And, given that DiscountASP.NET is currently giving away free Beta 2

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