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NZ 2015 Part 6: Wellington

The drive from Hawke’s Bay to Wellington was a touch over 300 KM, and in driving time terms, was by far the longest leg of our trip at over four hours. It was, however, also one of the nicest drives

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NZ 2015 Part 5: Hawke’s Bay

It was an easy and pleasant drive down to Hawke’s Bay, and we arrived in the town of Napier a around two hours after leaving Taupo. Obviously, the first thing that we needed to do was to get coffee, and

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NZ 2015 Part 4: Taupo

Probably the strangest thing about visiting Lake Taupo and its surrounds was that every time we asked someone how to pronounce “Taupo”, we got a different answer. The best we could work out was that the modern interpretation was “TOO-poh”,

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NZ 2015 Part 3: Hamilton and Cambridge

When we were researching for our New Zealand holiday, we found two activities near Hamilton that we were keen to check out – Hobbiton village (a tour of the set of The Shire from the Lord of the Rings /

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NZ 2015 Part 2: Coromandel

We drove from Auckland to the eastern coast of Coromanel on Monday, after a brief visit to Ponsonby Road (summary: it was crowded). The drive took about two-and-a-half hours, and as we got further from Auckland, the scenery became greener

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New Zealand 2015 Part 1: Auckland

With our last proper holiday now over 12 months ago, we figured we were well overdue to “get away from it all”. Kristy and I had been debating the merits of a number of destinations, but with its close proximity

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Melbourne Junket

We’re hosting two of our offshore developers from the Philippines at work at the moment, and given that they’re both well into their sports, the powers that be decided it would be prudent to take them down to Melbourne to

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As randomly mentioned, Kristy and Oscar joined me on Friday in Sydney for the Labour Day long weekend. Jason, Louise, baby Adam (who Oscar nicknamed “Ambo”) were our generous hosts. Jason’s brother Richard is staying with them at the moment

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This amazing recap of our holiday in Fiji is jointly brought to you by Ben and Michelle, Louisa and Steve, and Gerrod and Kristy G: There were a lot of problems with our recent holiday to Fiji. L: Ok that’s

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

What a long day it’s been! First we had a one-hour drive to Gatwick airport (starting around 4:30 AM this morning), followed by a two hour flight (from London to Milan), and then nearly four hours on the train! But

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