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Goodbye, London!

The last thing I remember our dear friends Ben and Michelle doing before they left London, was sitting in our lounge room, waiting until it was time to go to the airport for their flight. Ben was investing the time

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Chipotle – finally!

If you asked practically anyone to list the best things about the USA, I have little doubt they’d say something along the lines of: The Cookes Chipotle Barack Obama Root beer And given that you can buy root beer at

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Changing of the guard

Almost three years living in London, and we still hadn’t seen the changing of the guard! Well, all that changed yesterday when we met up with Weezy and Kylie outside Buckinghuge Palace to see what it’s all about. It was

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Mountain Biking

Last time that Nick, Suzie and I went mountain biking in the New Forest we had such an awesome time that we all resolved to do it again. And this weekend, to make the most of an amazing spring Saturday,

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The Lake District

As predicted, we enjoyed a lovely four-day weekend in The Lake District with Stacey and Wes! Our drive up was fairly uneventful, save for the double caramel latte that Mr Fool at Costa thought I wanted. And the look he

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Off to the lovely Lake District

We will be spending our lovely four-day weekend in a lovely cottage called

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Farewell Shan!

It’s with much sadness that we say “Farewell” to our dear friend Shannon, who has headed back home to the lovely warm beaches of Australia. After the winter that we’ve had here, we can’t say that we blame her, though

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The Uffington White Horse

England has quite the collection of murals of horses on hillsides, and the oldest of these is the Uffington White Horse. No-one seems to know precisely how old it is, but Wikipedia puts it at over 3,000 years! We ventured

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Partridges Food Market

I had never heard of the Partridges Food Market until Saturday morning when Kristy suggested we go and check it out. So check it out we did, and it’s awesome! We turned up around 2 PM, and we were both

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Believe it or not, the last thing on Lauren’s “to-do” list for London was to visit Ripley’s. Though I’ve never had a desire to go there myself, I’d be lying if I said that I’d never been a little bit

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