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Rob & Elise’s Wedding

Our friends Rob and Elise have trekked back from London to Australia just to see us! Or at least that’s my understanding; we must have made such a lasting impression when we saw them on our recent holiday that they

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Congratulations, Louise and Steve!

Kristy and I were lucky enough to witness cousin Louise and Steve tie the knot on the weekend, at a beautiful ceremony at Topiaries – Beaumont House. It was freezing cold being out in the wind, so I was glad

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8 years

Kristy and I hit our 8 year anniversary on the 30th of October. 8 years! To celebrate, Mia and Pa babysat Oscar while we hit Moo Moo in the city for some steak. Typically we get the signature dish –

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Unlike the fleas, having worms is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! Truth be told, I can’t think about worms without also thinking about Red Dwarf, when The Cat is trying to comfort Rimmer on the death

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Billy Guyatts: Your customer service bites.

This year, Kristy and I decided that since our anniversary (7 years!) is so close to both of our birthdays, we’d get each other a present for “around the house”. No, I don’t understand the logic there either, but I’m

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Congratulations, Mel and Ben!

Over the weekend, we felt extremely privileged to witness two of the world’s most beautiful people – Mel and Ben – get married at St Agatha’s church at Clayfield. This was the first wedding that I’ve been to which included

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Congratulations, Kira and Travis!

There’s not too many people I’ve known practically since the day that they were born, so it’s a pretty special day when you get to see one such person get married. Yesterday, that was true for one Miss Kira Doherty,

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Congratulations, Nathan and Kelly!

Last weekend we were in Victoria to celebrate Nathan and Kelly’s wedding. The ceremony and reception were held at Werribee Park and Gardens, which has to be about the most scenic place you could ever get married. I would hate

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary! I think we did pretty well to put up with each other for almost six years before we required the company of a baby to keep our lives interesting :-). In eighteen years time,

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Congratulations, Matthew and Emily!

If we hadn’t have moved home to Brisbane in time for Melissa and Josh’s wedding, we would have been in Canterbury attending Matthew and Emily’s wedding, instead! We were quite impressed that they all chose the same day to get

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